A Little About Us

Thank you for your interest in Gottschalk Knives. Here at Gottschalk Knives we strive to make each knife to the highest standards we can accomplish. Gottschalk Knives has been crafting knives since 1977, originally by Greg Gottschalk Sr. He has worked as a machinist since 1966. The first fifteen years of his career were in the steel industry, the rest were in the airline industry.  Later Greg Sr. was joined by Greg Gottschalk III, who also works as a machinist.  Greg Gottschalk III  is also creating custom rifles and barrels at his current employer.

At Gottschalk Knives, only the best quality materials are used. All work is done in house with the exception of a few embellishing details. Gottschalk Knives guarantees that if your knife is ever broken under normal wear and tear, it will be replaced.

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  1. I’m looking for a 10″ or better a 18″ CHEF KNIFE W/ A Solid hilt blade an hilt would be one pice but you know that sorry.

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