Only the Highest Quality Materials

Blade Materials

Here at Gottschalk Knives we use a wide variety of quality materials.  We are prepared to use CPM-154 as our primary stainless steel blade material. Other steels can be available upon request. The damascus can be a wide variety of steels. Some of the steel that we use are O-1, W-1, W2, 1075, 1084, 1095, 15N20, 203E, Nickle 200, Cru-Forge V.

Handle Materials

We utilize a wide range of materials to create the perfect handle for you. Some of the materials we offer are:

  • 40 Varieties of hardwood, kept on hand
  • Stabalize woods
  • Stag
  • Pearl
  • Abalaone
  • Oosik
  • Kirinite
  • Micarta

. If we do not have to material of your liking, just ask and we will get it!